Our Story

Why Tri Hita Karana Products was created?

The MAIN MOTIVES for creating THKP  are:

To create a way that helps balinese to promote and sell their products. And is very motivating considering that the income that balinese people have is more often used for family or community ceremonies, and not for self consuming purposes. For example, it is not surprising to hear from a balinese say, at the moment you buy a product: “Thank you, we are needing this money because a big ceremony is comming soon, and we need to decorate the temple and make the offerings (for the Gods)”.

  • Promoting and selling the products can be also a way to make known the  philosophy of life and culture of balinese people; as well to preserve the balinese culture. Specially their inspiring philosophy of life Tri Hita Karana, that take into account maintaining harmony with your divine (God), with other human beings and with nature, in order to have wellbeing.


  • Finally, a porcentaje of income from the sale of Tri Hita Karana Products can help in the promotion or funding of activities dedicated to preserve the nature and culture of Bali.  Also, to directly assist a family or village that needs financial help (e.g. in repairing or buying a new sewing machine of a dressmaker that doesn´t have other way of income; in repairing a house that has been damaged by flooding, etc.) The family eligible for financial aid is selected by the Banjar -traditional town council meeting – which meets twice a month at the banjar pavilion, with the male heads of each family; the decisions are taken on the basis of unanimous agreement.

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Thank you!