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In this section you will find LINKS and REFERENCES regarding films, videos, websites,  books or articles, with content related to the culture and old traditions of Bali, and related to the care of the people and the planet.

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  1. The Balinese People, Meditation and Nyepi. Author: Ketut Sumadi.
  2. Tumpek Bubuh. Protecting Our Food Resources. Author: Ketut Sumadi.
  3. Tumpek Bubuh. Teaching Children about the Environment. Author: Ketut Sumadi.
  4. Tri Hita Karana: The Spirit of Bali. Author: Claudia C Morales Manrique.
  5. Tri Hita Karana: Participatory arts practice for tolerance and harmony? Author: Elly Kent. 2013.


 – Title: Bali: Sekala & Niskala. Author: Fred B. Eiseman. Jr. About: Essays on Religion, Ritual, and Art.


HOME. A film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (2009) [in English]


– World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO): 

Forum Fair Trade Indonesia (FFTI): 


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Links & References