This page is a recognition of all those who have collaborated in the creation and development of the website, and/or in one form or another, have been a great encouragement and inspiration for its development.

Many of them are people who recognize the importance of promoting and supporting activities that help preserve the old traditions and nature of Bali, and above all, to support and help the Balinese and their communities. In these modern times, in which Bali has been exposed to a great development of tourism infrastructure, which in some cases do not support or respect its communities and nature.

Sincere words of gratitude to the following persons:

Mr. Todd Bayer. Who voluntarily review the descriptions in English language of manufacturers, courses and products. Likewise, for his moral support in the development of the website since its initial stage.








Mrs. Ingrid C Morales. Industrial Engineer. She has collaborated in the development of the logistics for the sale of products through the website, and in writing the Terms and Conditions document, which has been adapted to the reality and culture of Bali.





Mr. Cakra Made. For his invaluable support and sincere and friendly conversation, which has helped develope more the original concept of the website (Mr. Cakra is owner of the restaurant Qili Rest, and teacher of the Balinese Healthy Food Cooking Class).








Mr. I Komang Suamba.For helping in reviewing some documents in Bahasa Indonesia, and above all, for his support and inspiration to continue the work of developing the website, helping to preserve the nature of Bali and to promote the philosophy of life Tri Hita Karana.In his Herb Walks, explains about Tri Hita Karana philosophy and is a great activist for the preservation of the nature in Bali (Mr. Komang is the guide of  Herb Walks, offered by Bali Green Walks in the courses section).




Last but not least, recognition for all of those who in one way or another are a living example of the practice of Tri Hita Karana in their daily life.Those who practice and recognize the importance of having a good relationship with your divine – no matter your religion and if you are, or not, a religious practitioner-,  to have a good relationship with other human beings -through good words, actions and thoughts-, and to have a good relationship with the environment. Some of these persons are Balinese – who will be promoted or not in this website – and others are foreigners or tourists, who were visiting or living in the beautiful island of Bali.  A great recognition to these people, for providing with a conversation or acts, inspiration, support or insight, for the creation and development of the website

May peace be with us all… 

Claudia C Morales Manrique


1.THKP website was launched for the first time on date 21 August 2013.

2. Currently Herb Walks, offered by Bali Green Walks is not operating due to constructions made in Ubud Area.