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TRI HITA KARANA: The Spirit of Bali.

Tourists come to Bali… or just travel, in the first place, to look for something different…

To know a new culture… to have a fresh air…

There must be more ways to let them know about the beautiful philosophy of life of Tri Hita Karana.

WHAT Is behind… that makes Bali so special? I believe that the nature, the people… and a subtle world that exists… called by some a special energy… called it by others the “Spirit of Bali”.  And I believe the culture is the core element of these three aspects that makes Bali a special island in the world and that is attracting tourism form all over the world.

I came about three years ago, in December 2010. During the two months of my stay, I realized that Bali had the perfect combination… the nature and the way of being of the people. The pure smile of most of the Balinese, there friendly and genuine manners… Something that you see in your daily life when you are in Bali, in and out to the touristic areas… And that is why I will always say that is what keeps me here in Bali… making me feel “like home” Bali. This last expression is said by many other tourists that come frequently back to Bali. Other expressions are… “Bali is my second home” or “Bali transforms you”…

But again, what is behind all this special manners of most of the Balinese people?… What is behind that make Bali so special?… I believe their culture. And especially, their Hindu philosophy of life Tri Hita Karana… that you see it manifests in different visible ways through the entire island… And that again… make Bali so special…

Their philosophy of life… that makes you see so much offerings, reminding you that there is God, in every part… because God is everywhere… That reminds you that we are all part of a spirit… no matter your religion.

Their philosophy that makes them have tolerance and kindness to others… no matter their nationality or background, that makes them believe that we all, human beings, are brothers and sisters; and that’s why it makes you feel “like home” Bali.

Their philosophy of life… that make them have special ceremonies to trees and animals, among other ceremonies. To say thank you to the plants and trees for providing food and other materials for living; to acknowledge that the animals are also our brothers… And also to make them to not build buildings higher than a coconut tree… allowing us all… who visit or live in Bali, to enjoy the fresh air and the wonderful sun…

In resume… a philosophy of life, that in my opinion, all human being in the planet deserve to know, and for others to truly enjoy it when they hear or read about it, like myself, when I was assisting to a conference held in Bali.

A philosophy of life that is needed to know in this modern times, when many countries are realizing the importance of taking care of our planet, and when many others realized the importance of the tolerance and kindness among human beings.

Therefore, I personally congratulate the Foundation Tri Hita Karana for their initiative which is so valuable and needed, to make known and preserve this core way of thinking and living among human beings, that brings wellbeing, and that makes Bali so special internationally.

And I think that more than ever is needed, due the so fast development of tourism infrastructure that is happening in this days in Bali… That their work will help preserve what is the “diamond” of the island… to help preserve what makes people come to Bali from so far and make them come back again. So important in this modern times, where is so much an influence of other ways of living, that don´t  endure to sustainable habits or ways that do not truly benefit human beings and nature, and that do not take into account the divine within all of us, that is, what make us feel we are all one.

My words for all Balinese… keep doing your ceremonies and be active in a peaceful manner, like you are specialized in doing, to preserve your wonderful culture and also your magic nature, your lands… Is at the end what keep tourist coming back.  

May peace be with us always.


Claudia C Morales Manrique

Publisher: Bali Travel Newspaper Nº 64, 2013

Tri Hita Karana symbolizes the three aspects that bring wellbeing, to create life balance and happiness: maintaining harmony with your Divine, maintaining harmony with your fellow human beings, and maintaining harmony with the nature.